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"This book is based on an idea by local Darlington author Frederick Stehr. Nicky Adams is angry and fed up. His parents have relocated to Ireland, taking Nicky away from his home, school and friends back in England. Walking along the beach in his new hometown, Nicky is venting his anger by throwing pebbles into the sea. That is until, much to his astonishment, one of the pebbles speaks! Not only does the pebble talk but he needs Nicky's help. Mr Rocky Stone (the talking pebble) tells Nicky that someone is poisoning the land near them by dumping illegal substances. Fish are dying and lots of the local children are becoming sick. It's up to Nicky and Rocky Stone to save the day. This is the start of a truly amazing and exciting adventure. And maybe Nicky can learn that, given time and a change of attitude, life in the new town might not be so bad after all. This is a great book for 7-11 year olds. It covers so many topics, from caring and protecting the environment to bullying and making new friends. It is easy to read, fast moving and full of very likeable characters. With so few children's books tackling environmental issues, I hope this is going to be a winner!" : Siobhan, Ottakar's Bookshop, Darlington. Visit the Ottakar's Bookshop site »

"A charming story with an environmental message, The Pebble People Save The Day tells the story of Nicky Adams, a young boy forced to move to Ireland with his parents. The first friend he makes is a talking pebble called Rocky who warns him of an impending environmental crisis caused by illegal dumping. Nicky soon makes friends with other local children and they work together to expose the crooks, helped, of course, by Rocky and his friends. The book is a great way of getting youngsters to think about the world around them and the impact of both their actions and those of grown-ups which could echo through the years." : Amanda Brown, The Northern Echo

"Escaping to the magic world of children is always rewarding and the Pebble family have a great deal to offer in this respect. Not only are the Pebble books exciting, adventuresome and totally readable, they are an educational experience for children as well. Youngsters of all ages will enjoy these books and no doubt go on to build up their expectations of more to come. I wish the Pebbles and their creators much success with their unusual family who I am sure will find their way into many homes and hearts just as they did into mine." : Allene Bowman Norris - Grandmother, author and journalist

"This fast-moving story is a great way to introduce youngsters to the message that we should tread lightly on the Earth. Suffused with wit and humour, the story educates but never lectures - a great tool for parents and teachers who are concerned with the environment - and for kids who like a great read!" : Lynn Huggins-Cooper, Author and TES contributing columnist

"I am a retired Primary School teacher and have never wanted to be back in school until I read 'The Pebble People Save The Day'. It is a lovely read, and raises matters like bullying and environmental issues which can lead to much discussion and investigation. A 'must' for every Primary School." : June R Rudman, Retired Primary School Teacher

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The Pebble People Save the Day

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We are actively working with organisations such as One World to help get across the environmental message to young people.

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