Our New Mystery Novel

This childrens' mystery novel with an emphasis on environmental issues is available now. Already highly acclaimed by education experts and journalists, the story raises awareness of a number of environmental issues in young children. It does this within the context of a mystery story which will appeal to children due to its interesting characters and element of fantasy.

"a truly amazing and exciting adventure...” : Siobhan, Ottakar's Bookshop, Darlington

"This fast-moving story is a great way to introduce youngsters to the message that we should tread lightly on the Earth..." : Lynn Huggins-Cooper, Author and TES contributing columnist

"A charming story... ...gets youngsters to think about the world around them...” : Amanda Brown, The Northern Echo

"...exciting, adventuresome and totally readable as well as an educational experience...” : Allene Bowman Norris - Grandmother, author and journalist

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The book has already been read by children around the world and is now approved reading in many schools in the UK and Ireland. More details »

Working Together

We are actively working with organisations such as One World to help get across the environmental message to young people.

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