Short Stories to read only on this web site

Somewhere under the sea live the mysterious Pebble People and their pets. They spend their time going on fantastic journeys to wonderful places around the world. They often solve puzzles and problems in their adventures and help to make the world a better place.

You can join the mysterious Pebble People with their pets on some amazing adventures! Read the stories and enjoy sharing in their magical world!

Here are some of the stories.

Journey to Brazil
The Pebble People went on a journey to Brazil and the Amazon River.

Over the Edge of the World
A dangerous storm threatens the Pebble People. Will they fall over the edge of the world?

Fantastic Success

The Rocky Stone book is now on Amazon Kindle as an e-book on »

Attention Schools

The book has already been read by children around the world and is now approved reading in many schools in the UK and Ireland. More details »

Working Together

We are actively working with organisations such as One World to help get across the environmental message to young people.

Your Stories

Why not have a go at writing your own Pebble People story? If you send it to us we may put it on the web site for everyone to read. Here are some of your stories.