The Pebble People Save The Day - 2nd Ed.
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A wonderful fantasy story about the adventures of Nicky Adams and his friend Rocky as they attempt to protect their local environment from evil wrongdoers!

The book has something to interest all children - fantasy adventure, friends helping each other and their community, and the bad guys who don't care about the future of the earth. Will they be stopped and punished?

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Approved by Schools

The book is already an approved school text in many primary schools in the UK and Ireland (reference available upon request) and has been read avidly by children in many other countries, including Australia, Canada and the U.S.A. The book is aimed primarily at children aged between eight and twelve but has been enjoyed by boys and girls as young as six. It has proved eminently suitable for both reading in class and at home.

The author, Glenys O'Connell, is an international writer of children's and adults' fiction who has written several educational texts for schoolchildren, including the well-known "Monster" English and Maths series published by Letts.

The book has already been highly acclaimed with the following reviews...

"A charming story with an environmental message, The Pebble People Save The Day tells the story of Nicky Adams, a young boy forced to move to Ireland with his parents. The first friend he makes is a talking pebble called Rocky who warns him of an impending environmental crisis caused by illegal dumping. Nicky soon makes friends with other local children and they work together to expose the crooks, helped, of course, by Rocky and his friends. The book is a great way of getting youngsters to think about the world around them and the impact of both their actions and those of grown-ups which could echo through the years." : Amanda Brown, The Northern Echo

"This fast-moving story is a great way to introduce youngsters to the message that we should tread lightly on the Earth. Suffused with wit and humour, the story educates but never lectures - a great tool for parents and teachers who are concerned with the environment - and for kids who like a great read!" : Lynn Huggins-Cooper, Author and TES contributing columnist

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Attention Schools

The book has already been read by children around the world and is now approved reading in many schools in the UK and Ireland. More details »

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We are actively working with organisations such as One World to help get across the environmental message to young people.

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